First blog post

This is my very first blog post
Don’t know why am I writing 

Don’t know what I am going to write

Writing is better than speaking 

When you do not know how to enact

Let me introduce myself

This is Misha Agrawal 

N Misha Agrawal is no one..She is just an ordinary girl with big dreams 


She is just an ordinary girl

She has No idea what is she going to be

Or she will conquer her big dreams or  not 

She doesn’t know what to do ,where to start from,what is her true skills,may’be just like you..

But if today you are reading this then Misha Agrawal is someone..

That’s all for today….

Establish your name

My friend asked me 

Where was her name

Before marriage, known by her father’s name

After marriage, known by her husband’s name

I felt what she said 

Started cursing the society 

The stereotype, feminism 

All big words flashed through my mind 

But then I asked myself 

Have I really done something to make my name 

No,the brain replied 

Who knows the father or husband of Mother Teresa 

Is Madam Marie Curie known by her father’s name

 Is P.T. Usha known by her husband’s name

They established their name

N we are here just complaining about everything..

Goofy Teens

Many don’t think this

But many do 

They have a thinking 

Don’t know childish or foolish

That the one’s who gave birth to them

Will not understand them

Can’t say who is wrong 

Can’t determine who’s fault

                    They rely more on a stranger

                     Than on their  own parents 

May be wrong is their companion

Or may be their teen-age

                           Parents must enquire 

                           They must answer 

Devil maye be the age gap

Or lack of communication

                     They find it easy to Give up 

                      Than to Live up

Find themselves alone 

In between a huge crowd 

                          Ready to end their life 

                           Without any doubt 

But wait look up teen

Sit down ‘n’ think 

Your parents may not show 

But they do care about you

                  Your parents may scold you 

                   But it hurts their own soul 


              FOR A MINUTE OR TWO




She has done her best to hold on

He never made a single effort

Hiding her scars she smiled

Hurting her may be made him smile

She stayed for her princess

He never understood that

She thought of the society 

She cried, she weeped

But never screamed

Leading a life of misery 

Just for the outer world

But then her princess decided

Not a single more tear to be shed 

By her Mother..

Then princess and her mother 

Lived happily ever after 

Without the beast 

Which they thought were their

Husband and father…..